"Easy Pay" payment by Text

Published on 10/21/2022


Make payments by text.

Just reply PAY to the text reminder we’ll send 2 days before your due date every month — ignore it if you’d like to pay another way or if you are already signed up for autopay.

When you reply PAY, we will process your payment on or before the next business day.  You will receive a receipt by text like your normally do.  If you haven't received a text receipt within 24 hours, you can try again, or give us a call.  Don't worry, if you reply more than once, the system only allows one payment each month, so you wont be double charged.  If you forget to pay or are not ready to pay, you will receive another courtesy text reminder 5 days after your due date.

What to keep in mind: Be mindful that these payments are one-time, and not recurring. They will need to be requested every month.  To set up automatically recurring payments go to https://www.nolalockstorage.com/billing_accounts or stop by or give us a call.